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Meet the Friendly Staff at Pool & Patio Center 

Ken Stockley
Founder - CPO

Ken opened Pool & Patio Center in 1986 with the belief that customers should be treated with respect. After spending almost 15 years with national retailers in management positions, he knew the customer deserved better.

Before 1986, Ken worked as a retail store manager, retail district manager and swimming pool store manager. Most individuals who enter the retail swimming pool industry do so in quite the opposite manner than Ken did–they accumulate the service industry experience then open a retail store. Ken assembled the retail, corporate and business knowledge first, the industry knowledge second and then opened a retail store. His past work experience has created a retail environment that is ‘customer focused’. Ken knows exactly where each piece of the ‘puzzle’ should go so that Pool & Patio Center functions cohesively.

Ken has earned the Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation. You will find Ken enjoying hunting, fishing and computer games during his rare off hours.

Annette Stockley
Co-Founder - CPO

Annette’s background of over 20 year’s industry experience, combined with her previous corporate experience, has inspired her ‘We Make It Easy®’ mindset.  Annette utilizes this mindset every day at Pool & Patio Center (PPC) where she creates a stable environment for staff and customers. 

Annette is very prudent in her professional practices, always keeping a watchful eye over all aspects of Pool & Patio Centers’ business.  She strives to keep everyone on the same page with the understanding that the integrity of PPC is of the utmost importance. To ensure that integrity, she works endlessly to provide her staff with the knowledge and training they need to best serve PPC customers.  Annette is also vigilant to ensure customers are provided with detailed information to ensure both a safe and enjoyable pool and/or spa experience. 

Annette has earned the Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation in 2010 and 2015 with a test score of 98. Annette has been a Board Member of the State of Rhode Island Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board since being appointed in 2015.

 Annette’s maternal instincts along with her playful sense of humor have made Pool & Patio Center famous for entertaining children and providing outstanding, outrageous and unexpected customer service. So, don’t be surprised to find staff members wearing pink flamingo hats or children ‘quacking’ around the store with their duck whistles. In 1999, Annette’s maternal instincts and caring nature motivated her to donate bone marrow to a 14-year-old leukemia patient. 

During her off time, you will find Annette spending time with her grandson Kenny and grand dog Bailey.  Annette also enjoys cooking and reading.

Joseph Stockley
Operations Manager - CBP, CSP, CPO

Making it Easy for You!

Joseph has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management and Computer Information Systems from Bryant College. Joseph has many years of industry knowledge after wading into the business at a very young age. He is our Operations Manager, our in-house computer tech and an Eagle Scout.

Joseph has traveled to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, New Jersey and throughout New England for industry training and has also earned the prestigious Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP®) Certified Building Professional® (CBP®), APSP® Certified Service Professional® (CSP®), The National Spa & Pool Institute® TECH I® and TECH II® Certified Technician accreditations along with the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation (with test scores 86, 82, 95, 95 and 98 respectively) and is an APSP® Energy Efficiency graduate.

If you really want to know the ‘ins and outs’ of your swimming pool, Joe is the person you want to speak with. He can identify most parts, name the manufacturer and tell you where—and sometimes when—it was purchased. Joe takes a fanatical approach to energy efficiency—at home, at work and in your backyard! After speaking with Joe, you’ll know you’ve met a true expert and will feel confident that you selected the right company for your needs.

Joseph and his wife Kellie named their firstborn Kenneth—after his Dad and the Founder of Pool & Patio Center. He is a Jimmy Buffet Parrot Head, hockey fan and the owner of Bailey—one of our resident Cocker Spaniels. During the winter months you will find Joseph babysitting, perfecting his skiing, traveling and watching football and hockey games.



Greg Mruk
General Manager - CSP, CPO

Greg is our General Manager and tries to keep our retail staff upbeat and positive and challenges everyone to be on their A-game.  Greg has one speed—GO!  When he’s speeding by, you notice that his red hair leaves a red streak in the air as he zooms by!  Greg has earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from the Community College of Rhode Island and a Bachelor’s Degree at Rhode Island College.   Greg mentors our sales staff and seasonal help.     He is a problem-solver by nature and is very bright, polite and patient.  His personable character makes everyone feel at ease.  

Greg started helping our Pool & Patio Center family in 2005 by assisting our customers with sales, water chemistry and equipment repairs.  Greg earned The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals® (APSP®) Certified Service Professional® (CSP®) in 2013; the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation in 2006 and in 2012; and is an APSP® Energy Efficiency graduate.  In 2008, Greg traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for Bullfrog Spas training.  The 2008 and 2013 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada remains Greg’s favorite industry training.   

Playing basketball, riding ATV’s, playing golf, camping, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors keeps Greg busy when he is not studying or working. 

Leon Fenner
Relaxation Advisor - CPO

Leon joined Pool & Patio Center in 2013 and brought with him 10 years of industry experience. Leon not only has retail and service knowledge but also chemical knowledge from being a chemical tech at Interplex Industries.  In October 2015, Leon earned his Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation with a score of 86. 

Don't be surprised if the swimming pool you buy from Leon is delivered by Leon, opened by Leon and then closed by Leon!

In his off time, you can find Leon spending time with his wife, playing video games or listening to any type of music. Leon loves 80's movies and even does a great impression of Sean Connery--so next time you see him, tell him you want to hear 'Sean' and he'll oblige! He is ALWAYS a gentleman, even-tempered and always willing to assistant any of his Pool & Patio Center family and customers.

Scott Benson
Relaxation Advisor

Scott is a student at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice, with a Minor in Business. Scott has been a member of our team since 2012 and is always willing to lend a hand to whoever may need it!

Scott is always a gentleman whose family comes first. He is always pleasant, always polite, and is always looking to absorb more industry knowledge. Scott is currently registered to earn his certification for scuba diving and leak detection this spring, which is always a welcome addition in the pool industry!

When Scott is not working, you will find him playing sports, working out, traveling, and hanging with his friends. Scott's recent favorite trip was his venture to Canada at New Years with a group of friends from school. Scott's next planned vacation is touring Europe!


Marjorie Smith
Relaxation Advisor

Marjorie joined our team in Spring 2017 and immediately became an integral member of our Pool & Patio Center family.  Her ‘can-do’ approach and strong work ethic set a standard for others to strive to.  Marjorie’s down-to-earth and friendly demeanor keeps us all upbeat and smiling.  Her history as a Dental Assistant and House Cleaner gives her a solid customer service foundation that is displayed continually on the sales floor. Marjorie gives all new meaning to ‘Busy Hands are Happy Hands’.  In Marjorie’s spare time, she loves to spend time with family and very much enjoys fishing, camping and anything in the great outdoors.

Robert Morgan
Relaxation Advisor

PPC welcomed Rob to Pool & Patio Center in September 2017.  His friendly and upbeat demeanor are a regular boost for staff and customers alike.  Rob’s nine years of retail experience as a supervisor gives him a good eye for detail and improving the store inside and out. 

In his spare time, Rob enjoys spending time with family and friends who are near and dear to his heart, anything outdoors, movies and exercise to stay fit.

Curtis Bryant
Service Manager - CST, CMS, CPO

Curtis spent over 30 years in the hospitality industry where he developed his ‘customer-comes-first attitude’.  His years spent as a Manager and Regional Supervisor for Marriott Corporation and Bickford Restaurants throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut nicely prepared him to manage our Service Department. 

His transition to the pool industry wasn’t all that hard with his management and hospitality background along with maintaining his own swimming pool since 1994.  Curtis graduated from Bryant College with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.  In 2012, he also earned his Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation and his Association of Pool & Spa Professional’s Certified Maintenance Specialist® (CMS®) certification with impressive test scores of 98 and 93.2 respectively.  In 2016, Curtis earned his CST Certified Service Technician® from The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals®.

When not working, Curt enjoys cooking…and--he says--doing heavy lifting and yard chores so that his lovely wife can plant her garden!

Craig Adamson
Service Team – Relaxation Advisor - CMS & CPO

Craig is a full-time member of our service crew but has been helping us on a part-time basis since 1995. His easy-going nature and maturity bring balance to our team while Craig’s amusing sense of humor is Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In 2005, Craig earned the prestigious The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals TECH I® Certified Technician accreditation; in 2010 and 2015, the Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation; and in 2012 and 2015, the Association of Pool & Spa Professional’s Certified Maintenance Specialist® (CMS®).

Craig has traveled throughout New England and to New Jersey for training but his favorite education occurred at the 2008 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Craig’s 23 years of retail experience makes him a perfect fit for dealing with our customers and his seven years in the manufacturing field compliment the technical aspects of our industry. His hobbies include golf and woodworking--and there isn’t anything Craig can’t fix.

Joe Lapinsky
Service Team & Relaxation Advisor - CPO

After maintaining swimming pools for family and friends for over 20 years, Joe decided to take the plunge and join our team in 2004. Joe’s love of sun and water compliments his working in the pool and spa industry. Our customers and staff enjoy being in Joe’s presence because of his patient, pleasant and polite personality.

Joe’s past work experience (CDL licensed truck driver) along with his industry training throughout New England and New Jersey has prepared him for the challenge of leading a service crew. In 2008 Joe traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the prestigious International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo. He earned the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation in 2010 and 2015. Joe is conscientious, perseverant and always willing to help our team.

During Joe’s off hours you will find him loving and playing sports—especially softball and hockey.

james donnely  
Wally Garbecki
Service Team & Relaxation Advisor

Walter is a natural mechanically inclined individual and has been repairing things from the age of 10!  He LOVES working on motors, plumbing, welding and fixing and repairing anything—even in his spare time!  He fixes whatever needs fixing!

Walter earned his Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation® in October 2015 and has been a member of the Pool & Patio Center family since 2013. 

In his spare time, you will find him enjoying time with his young daughter Lyla and girlfriend Jill, riding his motorcycle and camping. 

james donnely  
James Donnelly
Shipping Manager

James has earned Associate Degrees in Law Enforcement and Accounting from the Community College of Rhode Island. James is amongst an elite group of individuals as he is an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts highest advancement rank. Only 5% of Boy Scouts ever earn this prestigious achievement! He has also earned his Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO) accreditation from the National Swimming Pool Foundation in 2015 with the high score of 98!

James has been helping our Shipping and Receiving Department and our Service Division since 2004 and his previous work experience as a Customer Service Representative along with his discipline in achieving the Eagle Scout rank make him an ideal member of our Pool & Patio Center family.

James is mature, quiet and thoughtful. During his off-time you will find James camping and enjoying the outdoors.

james donnely  

Garth Verrill
Service Team & Relaxation Advisor
Bio Coming Soon

Coming from a family of swimming pool technicians and being a pool technician himself for 13 years with seven years of retail experience, we found the perfect combination in Garth! Garth’s experience and pleasant personality complement our Pool & Patio Center service team. 

Garth leads a busy life outside of Pool & Patio Center with this daughter Serenity, girlfriend Mary and dog Bear. He loves music and spending time with family and relaxes with a video game.  Garth also is a stagehand for the tri-state area for eight years running. Talk about a multi-tasker!


William Crossen
Bio Coming Soon



Leigh Janovsky
Adminstrative Assistant
Bio Coming Soon


Food Waste Prevention Manager (FWP)

Bailey, an American Cocker Spaniel, has been part of Pool & Patio Center’s family since July 2008. Bailey is beloved by our entire staff and her presence has had a tremendous effect on our staff’s spirit.

Every day Bailey greets each of us with an overabundance of affection and delight. Bailey’s big black eyes, long curly ears and wispy fur melt your heart at first sight. Bailey’s favorite activities include greeting customers at our front door, napping by Ken’s desk while snuggling with her toy babies, excursions around the store and our fenced in “back yard” and testing all of our food to make sure it is good enough to eat!



Milk Bone Manager (MBM)

Kali is Bailey’s sister from a different litter, sharing the same mom and dad! Since Kali’s arrival in June 2010, our Office and Water Lab—and sometimes Sales Floor–has never been the same. Though Bailey is older and wiser and tries to maintain the upper hand, Kali is clearly the boss!

As does Bailey, Kali greets us each day with not only that overabundance of affection and delight but also with GREAT energy! Her innocent face is hiding the ability to chew apart the sturdiest of toys. She spends most days trying to convince Bailey that playtime is anytime and enjoying our company!

“Best customer service time and again. # 1 Predictability, accountability, reliability, punctuality and helpfulness.
I think you have the market beat.” 

Meet our Staff, Pool & patio Center